Comments Policy

This blog has a very narrow focus:  To support, enable, encourage, and empower men–particularly young men–in living a life of Godly masculinity. In order to better achieve this objective, comments are limited to those that fall into one of two general categories:

1) Questions/requests for information that relate to how one might himself better achieve and embody Godly masculinity

2) Answers/advice based on Scripture and personal experience on how to better achieve and embody Godly masculinity

Because of this policy, no comments from women will be accepted. Women should not try to twist number 1 into asking what their husband or boyfriend ought to do to better achieve and embody Godly masculinity. That’s not her business. If you are a woman reading this, and want your husband or boyfriend to better embody Godly masculinity, asking other men what he should do and then trying to get him to do it will never work, because leadership is a fundamental part of Godly masculinity. However, there are two things that you can do. First, pray for him. Pray that God will build him up, and then don’t try to fight God by tearing him down yourself. Second, learn to better embody Godly femininity. Femininity draws out masculinity.

While women may have experience with paragons of Godly masculinity, women naturally experience this as a spectator or receiver rather than a performer. They may know exactly what it looks like in practice, just as a paraplegic boxing fan knows exactly what a left hook looks like. But what it looks like is not what young men need to be taught–they need to be taught how. And how is something that can only be taught by someone who has done. Since no women have done Godly masculinity, women’s contributions cannot fall under comment type number 2.

If your comment does not meet the requirements of 1 or 2, please do not post it. If you want to engage me on some point that falls outside of these requirements, you may invite me to participate in a conversation on your own blog, or you may email me at