Things I’m working on

One thing that I’ve found to be important in my life is to be continually making progress in multiple areas. Therefore, in this post I am sharing some of the ways I have been working to improve myself, both to hold myself accountable, and in hopes of giving others ideas they may find useful. So here are some of the facets I have been working on recently.

Since paying off my final loan, I’ve been able to increase the portion of my income I dedicate to various gospel projects from 10% to 20%. Currently, I am supporting three projects, and I have a fourth one lined up that I will be supporting soon. I’ve planted some vegetables, and when I can start to rely on them for a portion of my food expenses, I may be able to take on even more gospel projects.

I’ve been working on learning Spanish with a website and app on my computer-phone called “duolingo.” I’d much rather be learning Norwegian, but, given my current location, Spanish is more practical. Soon I hope to be able to comprehend enough to labor through some of my Bible study from a Spanish Bible, once I get to that point I think it will start coming much faster.

I finally dug out my old cornet and started practicing again. It takes about a second of staring at each note to remember what it is, and I don’t remember any fingerings below the one-octave c-scale and only two above it. I can’t do a decent lip slur for the life of me, but my tone is better than I expected after 10 years of not practicing (I expected abysmal, and it turned out to be merely bad). My lips can only take about a half hour of practice, but I’m pretty tired of going up and down the scale by then anyhow.

I learned how to brew both a hard cider and a mead, allowing me to have a drink now and then and treat guests hospitably at a lowered expense, and giving myself the satisfaction and pride of doing it myself. (Look for how to brew cider as the next Frugal Friday post) Also, I finished up certain qualifications at work that greatly expand my scope of responsibility.

One of the things that I have somewhat regressed on lately has been my writing. I have written pitifully little here, on my personal blog, and in my journal over the last few months. This is an area that I will be trying to improve on in coming weeks. I will be trying to write at least a little every day, and while much of that will likely not make it to this blog, it should nevertheless increase the frequency of posts here. I’m also thinking about possibly starting an occasional series on fitness and workout advice. This is by far the most common thing I’m asked about in real life, but I have kept it off of here so far because I don’t want to detract from an overall spiritual focus. Now I’m starting to think that if I increase my posting frequency, I can throw in the occasional lifting post without issue–perhaps once a month or so. However, I’d appreciate any input from my readers on this idea.


3 thoughts on “Things I’m working on

  1. How much space does the self brew take up? In a one bedroom apartment, I don’t have a great deal, but have a good sized closet I could put to use.

    Curious, why mead and cider instead of beer? Expense or taste?


  2. @Chad:

    I brew in a plastic gallon jug (although I’m keeping my eye open for a glass one). If you have room for that, you should be golden.

    As to why cider and mead, simplicity was a factor. Also the fact that I really like good cider.


  3. Sold, I could brew multiple with that as the space. Simplicity is also appealing to me, and I have friends that homebrew beer, so cider and mead would be a nice change.

    I’ll look forward to the post


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